Broadband without Boundaries

Offer broadband access to unserved and underserved areas

4G LTE Fixed Wireless is more efficient and economical alternative to fiber, cable, and copper networks, it delivers equivalent broadband speeds and capacity in the city to rural areas. Easier installing, faster speed, lower latency, and cost-effective, Fixed Wireless is the solution for network operators to offer broadband access to unserved and underserved areas!

Today, Bowery IT offers both indoor and outdoor devices for Fixed Wireless deployment. As with all bowery IT LTE products the cloud-based management platform allows operators to remotely provision, monitor, upgrade and troubleshoot devices from a single centralized location.

1. Enable Dedicated Private LTE Networks
Utilize LTE-based technologies in shared spectrum to empower customers to run their own local network with dedicated equipment and settings

2. Fixed Wireless for Last Mile Access
With a fixed wireless access offering, network operators can supply vast amounts of new customers with broadband internet. By delivering broadband over last mile access networks, operators can rapidly increase revenue in untapped markets

3. In-building LTE for Enterprises Venues
Delivering capacity over shared spectrum in indoor environments to offer the best network experience in venues and busy enterprises

4. New Business Models and Vertical Markets
Spectrum sharing creates many opportunities to inject capacity into existing networks, to make existing models financially sustainable, and to create new type of networks


Bowery IT Retail and Chain Store solutions enable secure connectivity with advanced Fallback and Failover 

In today’s fast-paced retail market, the role of electronic transactions is increasingly significant. Cash is no longer king regarding convenience, credit/debit cards, ACH, P2P (PayPal) and transactions via smartphone/mobile applications are the norm. Consumers not only expect but demand point of purchase transactions to be highly secure, speedy and available in remote or temporary locations such as concerts or carnivals.


Bowery IT provides critical 24/7 internet connectivity and encrypted information transfer between stores and head office to prevent data loss and customer information leakage. Our multi-WAN solution (4G LTE) provide an always-on Internet connectivity supporting a seamless data and credit card transaction process regardless either the wireless or wired connection was unavailable, as well as VPN functionality to secure transaction data for geographically dispersed retail and chain stores throughout the country. Our solution can adapt with different IPs such as DIA and 4G LTE network in various geography locations with strong signal strength.  


Site to Site VPN tunnels between Retail Stores and Head Office 

Bowery IT dedicated Internet embedded 4G LTE VPN routers support multiple VPN protocols, allowing users to establish up to 16 VPN tunnels simultaneously between retail stores and head office in which all the data information will be encrypted and transferred safely.


Instant POS Setup for Credit Card Access in Remote Area 

Bowery IT 4G LTE outdoor router series can provide an excellent 4G LTE connection enabling instant POS setup for credit card access in remote areas where there is no fixed line Internet connection. 


Instant Outdoor Hotspot Setup with 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Outdoor Wi-Fi router 

Our Outdoor router series integrate the latest generation of LTE fixed wireless networks and the Wi-Fi wireless technology providing an instant high-performance 4G LTE connectivity to outside harsh environments Wi-Fi Hotspot applications.

1. Provide mobile Wi-Fi internet access in extreme outdoor environment
2. The box is water-proofed and hard solid without cracking
3. Unique antenna design to extend the 4G LTE signal service coverage & bandwidth
4. Support authentication and advertisement with Wi-Fi hotspot customizable captive portal design
5. Instant setup quickly


4G LTE Outdoor Fixed Wireless with Wi-Fi for Internet Access

Outdoor router and access point series provides high-performance 4G LTE connectivity for outside harsh environments Wi-Fi fixed wireless applications.

1. Provide Fixed Wireless Wi-Fi internet access in extreme outdoor environment
2. The box is water-proofed and hard solid without cracking
3. Unique antenna design to extend the 4G LTE signal service coverage & bandwidth
4. Connect with other Outdoor Wi-Fi client to provide internet access for users of those Wi-Fi clients